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English Research


In accordance with official guidelines for research within Spain’s military university colleges, lecturers at CUD Zaragoza are encouraged to undertake research work in the following priority areas: 

·         Social sciences and defence

·         Energy sustainability in defence

·         Geographic and spatialinformation technologies

·         Functionalised materials for advanced applications

·         Robotics and information and communication technologies

·         Human factors

·         Research and innovation for education

·         Precision engineering, manufacturing and operations management

In 2013 CUD Zaragoza created the Office for the Promotion of Research and Developmentwith the aim of promoting research activity within the institution and improving the visibility of research projects and their results. The objectives of the OPRD are the following:

·         Promote the research activity of CUD Zaragoza

·         Maintain a catalogue of research capacity at CUD Zaragoza

·         Encourage alliances and collaborative projects between CUD Zaragoza and defence-related organisations and industry in general

·         Disseminate the results of research activity at CUD Zaragoza