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The Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza (CUD Zaragoza)is a military university college located within the Academia General Militar de Zaragoza, the officer training academy for the Spanish Army, and is responsible for delivering the academic programme that leads to the official undergraduate qualification that is a core element of the officer training programme.

CUD Zaragoza also delivers postgraduate programmes and carries out research work in areas related to the armed forces, peace, security and defence, in accordance with the corresponding defence guidelines (Orden DEF/375/2021 de 20 de abril).

Through this teaching and research activity, CUD Zaragozahas become an active player in the scientific, social and cultural development of the region of Aragón. CUD Zaragoza also collaborates with political, economic, cultural and community-led bodies to promote solidarity and cultural and social development.

The integration of university studies into officer training and the creation of the Spanish military university colleges, including CUD Zaragoza, was written into law in 2008 (Real Decreto 1723/2008, de 24 de octubre) and in 2009 CUD Zaragoza became an associate college of the University of Zaragoza, allowing the design and delivery of study programmes leading to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.The first officer cadets were enrolled onto the CUD Zaragoza undergraduate studies in the 2009-2010 academic year and the programme produced its first graduates in the 2012-2013 academic year.

CUD Zaragoza is located within the grounds of the Academia General Militar on the northern outskirts of the city of Zaragoza in the region of Aragón, northeastern Spain.

Mission statement

The mission of CUD Zaragoza is to deliver study programmes leading to the undergraduate qualifications that are part of the officer training programmes for the Spanish Army and Civil Guard, and other postgraduate programmes.


Through excellence in teaching and research, the vision of CUD Zaragoza is to contribute towards the training of officers for the Spanish Army in order to help make Spain and the rest of the world a fairer and safer place.


CUD Zaragoza actively promotes the following values through its educational programmes:

·         Patriotism

·         Professional excellence

·         Innovation

·         Solidarity

·         Sustainability

·         Internationalisation

·         Ethical and social commitment