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English Internationalization


Internationalisation strategy

Internationalisation is one of the core values of CUD Zaragoza. The institution is committed to providing the future officers of the Spanish Army with a broad knowledge and clear understanding of the modern world and with the opportunity to develop the international and intercultural skills that will allow them to work within transnational teams insometimes complex internationalenvironments.

The internationalisation strategy of CUD Zaragoza is based on five key elements:

·         Foreign language learning:Provide students with practicaland applied English-language skills that will allow them to communicate with people from around the world in professional and social contexts.

·         International mobility:Offer international exchange opportunities to staff and students in order to develop intercultural and international skills in academic and professional contexts.

·         Curricular internationalisation:Increase the integration of knowledge and understanding of international issues though programme contents.

·         Internationalisation of research:Encourage the active participation of CUD Zaragozain internationally funded research projects with institutions from other countries.

·         Strategic partnerships:Establish active strategic alliances which will facilitate and encourage the creation of transnational collaborative activities and projects.

International alliances

CUD Zaragoza currently has active alliances with two prestigious institutions: United States Military Academy West Point (USA) and École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (France). Our students have the opportunity to undertake exchanges in both USA and France and CUD Zaragoza regularly receives exchange students in Zaragoza from both institutions.

CUD Zaragoza is open to exploring alliances with other similar institutions in order to promote student and staff mobility and to work together on other collaborative projects.